Q. What type of cleaning service do you offer?
* Our Domestic Cleaning in Yorkshire company, set up to offer quality domestic help to busy individuals who value their precious free time. We offer a weekly service which include: home cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, wiping surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning toilets and kitchens, ironing and much more…

Q. How quickly can you find me a cleaner?
* Normally within a week depending on Your requirements and which day of the week You need the cleaner to come.

Q. How do you vet your cleaners?
* Very carefully! Every single one of our cleaners is interviewed in their own home. This way we can see for ourselves the cleanliness of their own home. The candidate must provide work references, proof of address and proof of identity. References are always verified for authenticity.

Q. Are the cleaners insured?
* All our staff are insured.

Q. Will I get the same cleaner every week?
* Yes. You will get the same cleaner to do Your weekly cleaning. That way You will know who is coming in to Your home each week. A replacement cleaner is only used if  Your regular cleaner is sick, due to holidays, absences and other commitments.

Q. Do I have to be home when cleaner are cleaning?
* It is an optional. You may give us a key or You can just meet the cleaner at the house and than You may come back when it is finished for an inspection. The cleaners well vetted and are instructed to keep all the keys separate from the addresses of clients.

Q. Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and materials?
* You, the client responsible for supplying cleaning materials and equipment.

Q. Will the cleaners do ironing?
* Yes we also do ironing.

Q. How is the cleaner paid?
* You, the client pay the cleaners only in cash on the day they clean.

Domestic Cleaning In Yorkshire.